10 Day You Challenge

I saw this bloggers challenge on one of my favourite blogs ,My Name’s Megan, a few months ago however I’ve only just remembered about it, so I thought now would be a good time to start as an incentive to post regularly to get me back in the swing of things (I apologise for sounding like an over-enthusiastic teacher). Okay, so I’ll start with ten things you (probably) don’t know about me as I don’t really have any ‘secrets’.

10. I’m quite a loud person and laugh at everything but I’ll talk to anyone.

9. I’d love to see more of the world and go back to South Africa on another charity project.

8. I’m a really emotional person (I cried at the trailer for a documentary about whales the other day) but I hate crying in front of other people.

7. At school, Drama and English are my favourite subjects and my worst are definitely maths and chemistry.

6. I love films and documentaries about prisons and crime.

5. The fact that I have no idea what I want to do as a job in the future, scares me a lot.

4. One of my favourite places to be is London, I love people watching which I guess is why I love the tube so much.

3. I’m embarrassed to say that about 70% of my clothes are from Topshop, however I have started shopping fin more vintage and independent shops.

2. I’m not really a sporty person but I love dance and swimming.

1. I’m constantly hungry and my favourite snack is a chocolate hobnob with peanut butter on the top it- you’ve got to try it to understand!

Becky x


About beckystott

I'm a 13 year old, fashion obsessed, half sane,fun loving blogger, with a slight addiction to Topshop * guilty smile* Check out my blog- Candyfloss Curls- the http is beckystott.wordpress.com :)
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