September Favourites

I’m typing here smugly, as I feel like I’ve proved to myself that I am not a complete failure at blogging. It’s been weeks and weeks since I have written a real post, which is partly due to my lack of inspiration but also just my summertime laziness. But I’m back to school now, which so far has been actually really good, and I after learning to write again after six weeks of not picking up a pen, I jotted down some blogging ideas to keep me organised. So toady I’m going to being doing the first of what I hope will become a monthly feature- a favourites post. So without any further rambling here it is.


Make-up for me is part of my everyday routine, it makes me feel more confident and also when I’m not in a rush to get ready for school, it’s a way of expressing myself creatively. I prefer a natural make-up look, so a good base is always a make or break. For about a year I had been using Bare Minerals powder which acts as a foundation but without all the chemical yuckiness, but recently my skin has become quite dry so I wanted some thing that would leave my skin a bit more hydrated. Usually I don’t like the feel of foundation on my skin, but when I went for a free makeover a Shu Uemura in Selfridge’s last week, I was converted. The brand is Japanese, and as Japanese ladies believe the paler you are, the more beautiful you are, the make-up contains very high SPF. The make-up artist used on me a BB Cream, which I later bought. It’s called Shu Uemura BB Perfecter and it really does ‘perfect’. It smooths onto my skin beautifully , giving a natural yet flawless finish and leaving me glowing. Its also perfect for school as it doesn’t look cakey or fake like a typical foundation, which is usually what teachers look for.


Another product I have been loving for a very long time is my Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Like I mentioned before my skin has been a bit dull and dry for a few weeks, and I feel like this hydrates and moisturises it with making my skin look greasy. I would definitely recommend this for normal and oily skin types, if you do suffer from dry skin I’d recommend using Simple’s rich moisturiser instead.



In the summer holidays, some days when I didn’t have plans, I liked to pretend I was a sloth. This probably wasn’t the most productive thing to do, but I did enjoy sitting in bed all day, with yummy junk food and some films and just reminding myself that I wasn’t at school. One that I watched and loved was Safe Haven, instead of explaining it I’ve put the trailer here, but I just really like how it had a twist on a typical romance film.

I also read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in Summer, twice actually, the second time it made more sense and I just enjoyed it more. His awkwardness felt really relate-able as I think it would for most teenagers and whilst his naive personality made it funny, it was in a bitter sweet way as the story behind it was beautiful but really sad. A few of my friends didn’t read the epilogue of the book, which basically summed up the story, so if you haven’t make sure you do. It’s definitely a must read. The film is also really good, especially after you have read the book, to make it a bit clearer.

If this isn’t a reason to watch the film, then I don’t know what is


I keep promising myself that I am going to start eating better but at the end of the day I love food. I am naturally quite a thin person but I just want to start to eat a lot more fresh foods, mainly to keep my skin clear and just to be generally healthier. I have been loving making smoothies when I get home from school as they fill me up and also are great for sugar cravings. My favourite is my Frozen Berry Smoothie which for two people I add a banana, three cups of mixed frozen berries and a cup of orange juice to the blender and whizz. It looks and tastes delicious, I also love it after a run or any exercise.




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