10 Day You Challenge

I saw this bloggers challenge on one of my favourite blogs ,My Name’s Megan, a few months ago however I’ve only just remembered about it, so I thought now would be a good time to start as an incentive to post regularly to get me back in the swing of things (I apologise for sounding like an over-enthusiastic teacher). Okay, so I’ll start with ten things you (probably) don’t know about me as I don’t really have any ‘secrets’.

10. I’m quite a loud person and laugh at everything but I’ll talk to anyone.

9. I’d love to see more of the world and go back to South Africa on another charity project.

8. I’m a really emotional person (I cried at the trailer for a documentary about whales the other day) but I hate crying in front of other people.

7. At school, Drama and English are my favourite subjects and my worst are definitely maths and chemistry.

6. I love films and documentaries about prisons and crime.

5. The fact that I have no idea what I want to do as a job in the future, scares me a lot.

4. One of my favourite places to be is London, I love people watching which I guess is why I love the tube so much.

3. I’m embarrassed to say that about 70% of my clothes are from Topshop, however I have started shopping fin more vintage and independent shops.

2. I’m not really a sporty person but I love dance and swimming.

1. I’m constantly hungry and my favourite snack is a chocolate hobnob with peanut butter on the top it- you’ve got to try it to understand!

Becky x

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Album of the Week- Costello Music, The Fratellis

I guess the fact that I couldn’t pick just one song of this album that I’ve recently re-discovered shows how much I love it. It reminds me of long drives when I was little because my mum always had The Fratellis on in the car and I used to call them the Fruitellas. I love the indie vibe of this album, it gets me so excited for summer all of the festivals I plan on going to!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and a great start to 2014!

Every year starts with resolutions that I usually don’t keep, so this year to keep me on track I’m writing all of them here so you guys can check up on me! So here they are…

-blog at least once a week (how many times have we heard that one before?)

-start dancing again

-learn more about feminism

-make some blog friends

-be less bitchy (no more mean girls moments- joking I’m not actually that bad)

-raise at least £200 for Soweto2Culcheth (keep reading you’ll understand)

-make more of an effort with my hair and make-up

-eat healthily and join the gym (yawn)

Okay, so now the boring bit’s out of the way, I want to share some of my special moments from 2013 with you. Whilst Facebook and Twitter have been bombarded with ‘2013 was the worst year of my life’ I’m gonna be that annoying positive bitch and say actually 2013 was the best year of my life.

Becky's iPhone Photos 113

Visiting my family in Ireland- one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I’m not joking when I say there’s no filter on this.

Becky's iPhone Photos 354

Becky's iPhone Photos 674

Becky's iPhone Photos 811

Perfect days spent with my girls.


Becky's iPhone Photos 559

Becky's iPhone Photos 600

Becky's iPhone Photos 564

Travelling around Scandinavia and Russia in Summer.

Becky's iPhone Photos 705

Seeing Macklemore in concert- one of the best nights of my life.

And finally after a year of fund-raising, visiting South Africa and Matseliso High School as part of the Culcheth2Soweto project.

Becky's iPhone Photos 812

Saying goodbye to the family at the airport.

Becky's iPhone Photos 880

Me and Al pretending to be celebrities on our Emirates flight


Super excited about meeting the students.




I was wrong when I thought that no one was more overexcited than me!

Becky's iPhone Photos 1023

As you can see, I taught the most productive lessons;)

Becky's iPhone Photos 1016

Me and Nyiko rocking our sunnies

Becky's iPhone Photos 939

Swaggin it up with Kensani

Becky's iPhone Photos 941

Visiting a middle school that had children up to the age of 15, I was so shocked to see this poster on the side of the building

Becky's iPhone Photos 1224

Becky's iPhone Photos 1361

Visiting an orphanage on Kliptown- a slum in Soweto- was the most best and worst experiences of my life

Becky's iPhone Photos 1239

Becky's iPhone Photos 1237

Pool partayyy at Boyce’s

Becky's iPhone Photos 1290

Art isn’t part of their curriculum, so they were really excited in  my scrap-booking lesson!

Becky's iPhone Photos 1323

Me and my girl Abigail!

Becky's iPhone Photos 1358

My faves- Ellen and Hope! Us three are all penpals now!

I’d love to see all of your 2013 best memories too, so comment a link to your blog if you’d like me to check it out! Have an amazing 2014!

Becky x

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What does keratin do for your hair?

What does keratin do for your hair?.

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Song of the Week- Otherside

One week ago today I saw Macklemore live at the Manchester O2 Apollo, and to be honest I still haven’t gotten over it. A while ago I did a post about one of his songs- Same Love and since then my love for his music (okay and his face) has blossomed, so the noise coming from my mouth last Thursday night as you can imagine was quite deafening. I’ve been to quite a few concerts this year, but this was the first I’ve ever been standing at, and by far the best. Although the venue was quite small, the atmosphere was amazing, and I loved the fact that he really interacted with the audience. At one point he told us about this battle with drug and alcohol addiction which was the point where I think everyone in the room got goosebumps and he then went on to perform Otherside. The songs about how growing up people never think that they’ll be the person whose life spirals into a drug addiction and how rappers and celebrities don’t realise how much of an influence they have on kids. Here’s the lyrics (without fences) when you read them you really appreciate the humbleness and reality behind this song-enjoy!

[Verse 1]
He rolled up, asked him what he was sipping on
He said lean, you want to hit it, dawg?
That’s the same stuff Weezy’s sipping huh
And tons of other rappers that be spitting hard
Yup, he had five up on
When he passed him that Styrofoam
The Easter pink, heard it in a rhyme before

Finally got to see what all the hype was on
And then he took a sip, sitting in the Lincoln
Thinking he was pimping as he listened to the system

Little did he know that it was just as addictive as base
Not the kind of hit from the kick drum
Hot box, let the bass bump
Take it to the face, gulp
Months later the use went up
Every blunt was accompanied by the pink stuff
But goddam, he loved that feeling
Purple rain coated in the throatjust so healing
Medicine alleviate the sickness
Liquid affix and it comes with a cost
Wake up, cold sweat, scratching, itching
Trying to escape the skin that barely fit him
Gone, get another bottle just to get a couple swallows
Headed towards the bottom couldn’t get off it

Didn’t even think he had a problem
Though he couldn’t sleep without getting nauseous
Room spinning
Thinking he might of sipped just a little bit too much of that cough syrup

His eyelids closed shut
Sat back in the chair clutching that cup
Girlfriend came and a couple hours later
Said his name, shook him but he never got up

He never got up, he never got up
We live on the cusp of death thinking that it won’t be us
It won’t be us, it won’t be us, it won’t be us
Nah, it won’t be us

[Verse 2]
Now he just wanted to act like them
He just wanted to rap like him
Us as rappers underestimate the power and the effects that we have on these kids
Blunt passed, ash in a tin
Pack being pushed, harassed by the Feds
The fact of it is most people that rap like this
Talking about some shit they haven’t lived

Surprise, you know the drill
Trapped in a box, declining record sales
Follow the formula: violence, drugs, and sex sells
So we try to sound like someone else

This is not Californication
There’s no way to glorify this pavement
Syrup, Percocet, and an eighth a day
Will leave you broke, depressed, and emotionally vacant

Despite how Lil Wayne lives
It’s not conducive to being creative
And I know cause he’s my favorite
And I know cause I was off that same mix

Rationalize the shit that I’d try after I listen to Dedication
But he’s an alien
I’d sip that shit
Pass out or play PlayStation

Months later I’m in the same place
No music made, feeling like a failure
And trust me it’s not dope to be twenty-five
And move back to your parent’s basement

I’ve seen my people’s dreams die
I’ve seen what they can be denied
And “Weed’s not a drug,” that’s denial
Groundhog Day, life repeat each time
I’ve seen Oxycontin take three lives
I grew up with them
We used to chief dimes

I’ve seen cocaine bring out the demons inside
Cheating and lying
Friendship cease, no peace in the mind
Stealing and taking anything to fix the pieces inside
Broken, hopeless, headed nowhere
Only motivation for what the dealer’s supplying
That rush, that drug, that dope
Those pills, that crumb, that roach
Thinking I would never do that, not that drug
And growing up nobody ever does
Until you’re stuck
Looking in the mirror like I can’t believe what I’ve become
Swore I was going to be someone
And growing up everyone always does
We sell our dreams and our potential
To escape through that buzz

Just keep me up, keep me up
Hollywood, here we come

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September Favourites

I’m typing here smugly, as I feel like I’ve proved to myself that I am not a complete failure at blogging. It’s been weeks and weeks since I have written a real post, which is partly due to my lack of inspiration but also just my summertime laziness. But I’m back to school now, which so far has been actually really good, and I after learning to write again after six weeks of not picking up a pen, I jotted down some blogging ideas to keep me organised. So toady I’m going to being doing the first of what I hope will become a monthly feature- a favourites post. So without any further rambling here it is.


Make-up for me is part of my everyday routine, it makes me feel more confident and also when I’m not in a rush to get ready for school, it’s a way of expressing myself creatively. I prefer a natural make-up look, so a good base is always a make or break. For about a year I had been using Bare Minerals powder which acts as a foundation but without all the chemical yuckiness, but recently my skin has become quite dry so I wanted some thing that would leave my skin a bit more hydrated. Usually I don’t like the feel of foundation on my skin, but when I went for a free makeover a Shu Uemura in Selfridge’s last week, I was converted. The brand is Japanese, and as Japanese ladies believe the paler you are, the more beautiful you are, the make-up contains very high SPF. The make-up artist used on me a BB Cream, which I later bought. It’s called Shu Uemura BB Perfecter and it really does ‘perfect’. It smooths onto my skin beautifully , giving a natural yet flawless finish and leaving me glowing. Its also perfect for school as it doesn’t look cakey or fake like a typical foundation, which is usually what teachers look for.


Another product I have been loving for a very long time is my Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Like I mentioned before my skin has been a bit dull and dry for a few weeks, and I feel like this hydrates and moisturises it with making my skin look greasy. I would definitely recommend this for normal and oily skin types, if you do suffer from dry skin I’d recommend using Simple’s rich moisturiser instead.



In the summer holidays, some days when I didn’t have plans, I liked to pretend I was a sloth. This probably wasn’t the most productive thing to do, but I did enjoy sitting in bed all day, with yummy junk food and some films and just reminding myself that I wasn’t at school. One that I watched and loved was Safe Haven, instead of explaining it I’ve put the trailer here, but I just really like how it had a twist on a typical romance film.


I also read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in Summer, twice actually, the second time it made more sense and I just enjoyed it more. His awkwardness felt really relate-able as I think it would for most teenagers and whilst his naive personality made it funny, it was in a bitter sweet way as the story behind it was beautiful but really sad. A few of my friends didn’t read the epilogue of the book, which basically summed up the story, so if you haven’t make sure you do. It’s definitely a must read. The film is also really good, especially after you have read the book, to make it a bit clearer.

If this isn’t a reason to watch the film, then I don’t know what is


I keep promising myself that I am going to start eating better but at the end of the day I love food. I am naturally quite a thin person but I just want to start to eat a lot more fresh foods, mainly to keep my skin clear and just to be generally healthier. I have been loving making smoothies when I get home from school as they fill me up and also are great for sugar cravings. My favourite is my Frozen Berry Smoothie which for two people I add a banana, three cups of mixed frozen berries and a cup of orange juice to the blender and whizz. It looks and tastes delicious, I also love it after a run or any exercise.



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So Basically

So basically I have about 5 drafts of outfit posts and holiday shiz open right now but the fact that it’s been 4 weeks since my cruise means that I have pretty much forgotten about the vibes of the places that I visited which was basically the idea of the daily posts-to be kind of a journal thing that would tie in with my outfits and stuff. But seeing as the WiFi was none existent, I spent my time sunbathing instead of blogging, and eating endless amounts of frozen yoghurt from the free ice cream stand. So I will just post my outfits on my The clothes that I wear on my body page instead. Sorry for all this rambling and confusion but I promise that my blogging will be consistent again soon because I’ve missed you lovely people! Hope you all had amazing summers, I’d love to hear all about them! -Becky xox

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